I have a tale of woe. It is partially my fault. I should have told Alex to stay away from any company that had a religious sounding name (not because I hate religion but because we had a bad experience with them before). Since I was too late for that, […]

Soul-utions Plumbing — Stay Away From Them

Or do you really think it is necessary to be rude to someone who is going to serve your country? My oldest son, RJ, is a wonderful, funny, passionate, young man. He will be 23 in December. Earlier this year, he woke up one day and decided to join the […]

Life choices ….

Life has taken a big twist for me in the past few months. Mom, who moved to Dayton to live with us two years, died fairly unexpectedly on March 7th. While we knew it could happen at any time, really, and she was going to have to have surgery on […]


Maggie and I were getting hair cuts tonight when Alex called me. I declined the call and received the below text. Right now cleaning the earphone plug on my phone it is full of dog shit cause the little basterd just had to chase and kill the leaf on the […]

File this: Not Funny if it Happens to You

This post was started on 1-6-2013 and I just recently found it in my drafts. I am going to work on finishing it tonight though I am again not sure where I was headed when I started this. I just skimmed the article again to refresh my memory. I have […]

What is Justice?

Stress has been the name of the game these past couple of days at work. Nothing that I won’t get over but the fun has been few and far between. Had an interesting and fun IM with my manager today about Maggie’s interest in roller derby. When I was first […]

Roller Derby

Not the ones you may be thinking I mean. They could be be two words and not three. I didn’t make my kids say them when they were younger. I wanted them to mean something. We talked about them. We talked about they made others feel. How they made themselves […]

Three Little Words

when I am already two days behind? Not sure I can do it. I have friends who have done it a few times … Reticula and Autodidactpoet … are two that come to mind. I always think: how fun! I should do that … then I think, “WHEN will you have […]

A month of blogging …

We have started going through the garage … finally. We found some pictures that the kids have brought in and started looking through them. We found the pictures I took that go with this story. I read this story aloud to Michael, Maggie and Mom. I was laughing so hard, […]

From May of 1999

This is the title of a song by Joe Jencks. You can find the words here. I have it on my iPad, so if you see me at Roller Derby or some other place and want to hear it, I will be happy to play it for you. This song […]

“What Kind of Brother Are You?”