From May of 1999

We have started going through the garage … finally. We found some pictures that the kids have brought in and started looking through them. We found the pictures I took that go with this story. I read this story aloud to Michael, Maggie and Mom. I was laughing so hard, it was hard for me to read it.

BTW: I have kept Michael.



For sale, for the cost of shipping:

*  1 large box of clothing, lots of Osh Kosh overalls

*  Enough shoes for a couple of years

*  Plenty of toys — including FP, Little Tykes, some puppets and crayons

*  A Creative Memories baby album, not yet started, will include the baby
pictures and the vital stats to make it complete

*  Complete medical records/history

*  A beautiful, vibrant, creative, loving, cuddly, energetic, talkative, imaginative, outgoing, lovable, happy, redheaded, blue eyed . . . . . . . . .

three and a half year old!


He answers to the name of Michael.  He sometimes comes when called, likes to give hugs and kisses and be read to.

Any takers?

Today, he was eating a spoonful of peanut butter.  He then proceeded to smack it all over his sister’s arms and legs and face!  She barely tolerates baths (which is up from screaming the whole time, clinging to me for dear life) as long as she just plays in there and you do NOT attempt to clean her up!

Have you ever tried to clean peanut butter off of a child who literally was wearing it withOUT putting her in the tub?  Doesn’t work!

While Michael is sitting in timeout, Maggie gets a bath. She doesn’t stop screaming until I am done washing her.  Then she plays in it for a few minutes.

Get her out.  Try to dress her.  She runs away . . .. . naked.  Her new thing.  Sigh

Michael crawls into my lap and proceeds to fall asleep.  Great, a nap at 5:15.  Fun.

Maggie starts fussing as she has peed on herself and doesn’t particularly like having wet legs and feet (still need to find WHERE it happened so I clean that up, too!)  Get Maggie diapered and dressed.

Get a diaper on her.  I go to the bathroom.  I come out, about 30 seconds later.  Maggie has a jar of peanut butter.  A large jar.  She is eating it with her hands.  Did I mention that she had clean clothes on?  She is covered in peanut butter from head to toe.

Mommy doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  So she does a little of both.

While doing a little of both, she gets the camera out.

Have you ever tried to clean peanut butter off of a child who literally was wearing it withOUT putting her in the tub?  Doesn’t work!

Maggie gets another bath.  Since I didn’t drain the tub, I already have some water in it.  She screamed while being cleaned up.

Mommy puts Maggie down for a nap.  GREAT, it is now 6 p.m.  What a great time for a nap!


Michael is still for sale, Maggie is not.  I think I will keep her . . . . . .. for a couple more years, at least.

Who will start the bidding?

Do I hear $100?

Some days you just cannot get ahead, can you?

(PS . . . . Judy, be wary of large packages from FedEx with air holes!)



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