A month of blogging …

when I am already two days behind? Not sure I can do it. I have friends who have done it a few times … Reticula and Autodidactpoet … are two that come to mind. I always think: how fun! I should do that … then I think, “WHEN will you have time to write? You always say you will write but you don’t take time to do it.”

I thought I would blog when I got home from Indy on Friday night. That hellish trip didn’t end until Saturday, though. Don’t get me wrong, the trip wasn’t bad … I actually had fun being in the car two hours longer than I needed to be with three teenagers. Two of them boys that I didn’t birth. We laughed. Joked. Talked about semi-serious stuff. And put the van in park more times than I care to remember while on I-70. Getting home at 1 a.m. or so, though, didn’t lend itself well to blogging.

Yesterday, my sister and niece were here visiting and I just didn’t think about it after they left. I AM going to do this. I really am. Even though I am two days behind the 8 ball. I will either post twice on a couple of days (I do plan on having a couple of vacation days this month) or I will continue posting into December.

I like blogging, even if I think no cares about what I have to say. I find, when I go back and read some things I have written, that I have forgotten what I wrote, the exact words, not the stories, and I find that I LIKE what I had to say.

I hope you like to hear from me, too.

Also willing to take suggestions for topics, though I will leave the vaginas to Reticula.

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