File this: Not Funny if it Happens to You

Maggie and I were getting hair cuts tonight when Alex called me. I declined the call and received the below text.

Right now cleaning the earphone plug on my phone it is full of dog shit cause the little basterd just had to chase and kill the leaf on the hill so he jerked it right out of my hand

I admit it. I laughed. I then read the text aloud and Maggie and Jeanna chuckled. Jeanna even said, “I believe I have heard it all now!”

I know how frustrating it is to have an expensive phone potentially not working. Alex thought long and hard before getting a smartphone. He even bought a 100 dollar case to protect it from rain, snow, sleet and flood. I guess he didn’t think about dogs.

I asked how this could have happened with his case and was told he had the headphones out for just a few minutes. I don’t think he found my comment too helpful:

This is gross but suck on it. That worked w mine.

See? His phone thinks the headphone jack is in it so won’t play sounds the normal route. The sucking trick I learned on the Internet when Maggie dropped my phone in slush.

I called mom on our way home to see if the storm had died down or not. She told us she thought he had gone to the AT&T store. I suggested a bag of rice and mom replied that she was sure it was not wet but chunky. Maggie and I howled over that, thinking about the poor person who got that customer! I mused it might be fun to lurk on their employee forums: “You won’t believe this! Some guy’s phone was literally full of shit!”

I had to pick Michael up from a volunteer opportunity to iChat. He called me and asked if RJ was doing something to a phone as he had been alerted on his phone. I started laughing and could barely spit it out. I was barely able to see from the tears. He said. “Let me get this straight …” andI dissolved into laughter again. I asked him if he wanted to know what I had I said and he immediately quipped, “Shit happens?” Glad I didn’t hit the police car next to me!

I am still hopeful the phone will recover without a chunk out of the wallet. I hope Ale. Can see the humor in it from our perspective and finds it as funny as we did. I think it would take me a couple of days …public agent teen

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