Life choices ….

Or do you really think it is necessary to be rude to someone who is going to serve your country?

My oldest son, RJ, is a wonderful, funny, passionate, young man. He will be 23 in December. Earlier this year, he woke up one day and decided to join the Army. He was worried I would react badly and told him dad first to have him soften the blow with me. It was totally not necessary. Even my mom )dammit I miss her so much) was thrilled for him.

He had to make three trips to MEPS before he could swear in. The first one, they took one look at his eyesight (20/200 and 20/400 with a -6 astigmatism … look it up, it sucks!) and told him they could not take him. “What was it you wanted to do? Oh, computers. That will work. You won’t be too far away from your work. Hope you didn’t want to be a sniper. THAT won’t happen!” His paperwork got kicked to Fort Knox. Some general saw his test scores (high) and asked him to go back for a dilated eye exam. He was escorted to an eye doctor for this exam. Less than a week later, he was told he made it and to come on back to be sworn in.

He got his first choice of training … He wants to do something with computers, with a security clearance. His AIT is 22 weeks, which I have been told is a bit longer than usual. He is excited about going. He has found a purpose in his life. He has been wandering a bit aimlessly. We joked he would be living in my basement when he “grew up”. The joke is on him though … we don’t have one. 🙂

I am so proud of him for making a decision and sticking with it. A few months ago, someone on Facebook made a snide comment about him going into the Army. That time, I was polite. I replied with something along the lines of being proud of him, he made a decision that will be good for him and give him some direction … as well as free training for a career he can be excited about and make good at (if he chooses to enter the private sector). If he chooses to stay in, he will be able to do well with that, too.

That same person made pretty much the same snide comment again. This time, the gloves are off. Here is what she posted:

Has he seen the movie “Full Metal Jacket” yet? Pillow Furnace thinks that’s a must see before anyone swears their life away to Uncle Sam.

RJ replied fairly mildly, for how pissed off I know he is. Here is the thing … is that REALLY what you say to someone who is going to fight for YOUR rights to live in a free country? Signing up for 4 years, or 5 years or even 6 years is NOT signing your life away. Even if he chooses to make a career of the military, that is something to be proud of. At least he has the balls and fire to do something productive with his life.

He is trying to make things better for himself, and the country we live in. Am I scared to death he might get deployed to a war zone? Hell, yes, I am! Even with all that is currently going on in the world, that is going to be a slim chance, based on his career path. They will want to keep him protected. His brains are helping with that. One of the kids on the bus to MEPS with him one day said, “Oh well, I wanted to be infantry anyway!” I am thankful for those who want to be on the front lines. At the same time, I am grateful that RJ is not going to be one of them.

What if everyone had your narrow mind about the military, G? Would you rather that every able body be told, “You are 18 now, you must join a military branch for the next three years”? Do you think a forced military is the way to go? Does Vietnam come to mind? Do you want to be speaking another language because we don’t have men and women willing to defend our country? In all honesty, it is not that easy to get into the military right now. They have more people that want to join than they have spaces for. RJ was chosen because of his brains and what he wants to do with them.

In RJ’s case, he knows that he needs some guidance when it comes to sticking with something. The military is it for him. He will not let it beat him. When he makes his mind up for something, for a cause, there is no changing it. Trust me. I carried this boy for 9 months and raised him for 23. I have never met a more pig-headed, stubborn person in my entire life. Seriously.

What gives you the right to question his choices? To be negative about something he is excited about that can only enrich your life and the lives of others that live in our country or whom we strive to protect? Why would you comment like that? I don’t get it. Frankly, if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut and your fingers off the keyboard. Oh wait … RJ will be fighting for your right to be an asshole to him. THAT’s what give you the right … our military.

I have friends who have been in the military. Who have made careers in the military or who have spouses who have. Not just in this country but also in others. They are proud (rightfully) to have served or to be serving their country. Your negativity, G, is not welcome. Keep it to yourself in the future, please.

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  1. I agree with you Barb. Maybe this person has not served anything greater than themselves. Full Metal Jacket is a MARINE movie BTW. Your Brother also served in the Marines. I applaud R.J. for his choice. Please give him my love and let him know that I am ALWAYS there for him no matter what. Love you

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