Soul-utions Plumbing — Stay Away From Them

I have a tale of woe. It is partially my fault. I should have told Alex to stay away from any company that had a religious sounding name (not because I hate religion but because we had a bad experience with them before). Since I was too late for that, I should have told him to cancel their appointment and get someone else to come out. I didn’t. You see, we have a home warranty. The first year, the previous owners of the house paid for it. After that, we did. The first two years, our “deductible” was $50. It is now $100 — a fact I somehow missed when I renewed it.

Alex woke up a week and a half ago on a Wednesday and realized we had no hot water. He called 2-10 home warranty and they gave us Soul-utions Plumbing. An interesting side note in things that make you go hmm: we have called them three times for plumbing issues and all three times, this was the first company we were given all three times. Soul-utions Plumbing called him fairly quickly and set up an appointment to come out and check it out. They came out and declared it dead. They collected their 100 dollar service fee and told us that they would turn it in to the warranty company but it might take 2-10 a day or two to approve it.

Soul-utions Plumbing did not even turn it in until Thursday. We heard from 2-10 with “uncovered expenses”. 65 x 3 for a pan, for a union and to dispose it. 200 to reroute some plumbing. We declined the the disposal fee. Soul-utions Plumbing told us if 2-10 chose Ferguson’s for the wholesaler, we could have it installed on Friday. Still longer than we wanted to be without hot water but we could handle it. Ferguson’s was the chosen wholesaler. Alex called them at least twice on Friday to see when he could set it up. They never called him back.

Friday night, I sent them an email. They called us Saturday morning, stating, “If they are open today, we will install”. Excuse me … if you are a contractor, you know if your supplier is open on Saturday or not, right? So, the location in Middletown was closed but the one in Dayton was open. They waited a few minutes and called back to tell us they were closed in Middletown. My spouse called Dayton, who had it in stock. We then called them back immediately and told them this. But we got their voicemail. They didn’t call back until it was too late for them to get to the Dayton location to pick it up. I picked it up myself and it was sitting in my living room long before they called my spouse back. My husband asked for our 100 bucks back and he was told, “Good luck. Go to 2-10”.

At this point, I called 2-10 to tell them what happened. I was on hold for a very long time. They called the Soul-utions Plumbing. They told 2-10 that we were not on the schedule until Monday and totally denied ignoring our calls and the calls my spouse made to them (have they not heard of call history). 2-10 would not hear my out and told me I was out of luck. They were totally dismissive of my frustration and told me I would have to wait until Soul-utions Plumbing came out on Monday to install the water heater. They knew it was in my living room and knew I was having someone else do it.

Christian from Soul-utions called me on Monday, twice right in a row. The second time he did leave a voicemail asking me to call him back about the water heater. I assume he was at Ferguson’s trying to pick it up. I still haven’t returned his call. Alex was dealing with James, who knew we were not letting them back into our house. Soul-utions Plumbing doesn’t do business with integrity.

I am also canceling our home warranty. I never want to be in a position again of not being able to get something done in a timely manner. It is not worth it anymore. If you want a home warranty, I suggest checking them out online before choosing one as some of them are really  horrible.public agent teen

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