My name is Barbara and I am a carb addict. Oh, wait, wrong forum. In all seriousness, I could eat ice cream and popcorn (before braces anyway) for dinner and call it good. Delicious, in fact! Sure, I knew it wasn’t balanced. I knew I needed protein and veggies. I am not saying I would never eat them … just that if it was a crap day or if I were tired or they made food at home for dinner that I didn’t like, I would not always choose healthy foods. I would be perfectly happy with popcorn and ice cream.

Amazing what a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes will do for you. I immediately cut out sugar and carbs and didn’t miss it … too much. I had no cravings, that is for sure.

My story gives a bit of background to my diagnosis and what has happened in the first few months of being diagnosed.

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