or to put it in a positive light: Praise, Uplift, Delight (as I have as my profile picture on Facebook). One thing I learned when my kids were younger was to phrase things in a positive light: “keep the milk in your cup” instead of “don’t spill your milk” or […]

Don’t Complain, Condemn, or Criticize …

I really tried to do a Christmas letter this year. I did. It might even still be saved as a draft post. All I can say: it has been one helluva year. A wild ride, that is for sure. I am glad it is coming to a close and hope […]

2012 Drawing to a Close

I guess I am on a roll today. Technically, this will be three posts in a matter of hours. Does it count if one was written 3 months ago and one was started a few weeks ago? I thought so … I last had an A1c in August and was […]

Thanksgiving and other musings

(Update: I have made a couple of modifications since starting this post and really apologize it was not done before Thanksgiving. It is just that good, however; I think you should make it whenever the mood for pumpkin sweetness hits you. Like today). My favorite-most pie in the whole wide […]

Low-Carb Praline Pumpkin Pie

(Ooops … adding WP to Minnie, my beloved friend), I saw that I had two draft posts. WTF, I thought? I found this post. From August 21. No wonder I had no comments on it). Had another visit with my beloved Dr. V yesterday, though I did tell him, as […]

Another Doc Visit

I am thinking of changing things up a bit and trying a more Paleo diet. While I am doing low carb right, the paleo might allow me to try a few fruits. I miss fruit. I won’t go crazy and eat three bananas or 7 apples or anything like that. […]

Paleo Diet

lol Seriously, though, I am. We were having problems with our tv and the sound. It was fading out and not always in the same spot on a recorded show and not all the time. We could watch the show on another television without issue. I was beginning to think […]

Just that good…

is right around the corner and I am eating low carb. How in the hell am I going to pull of things like dressing and pumpkin pie and sweet potato casserole – OH MY! I am Googling until my eyes bug out and there are so many recipes. I don’t […]

Thanksgiving …

Well … we did it. We are now homeowners and living in our new house! It was a nail biter, down the last minute. Our closing was set for 3 p.m. on a Friday and we were told we were approved at 11 a.m. on Thursday. Something weird about Ohio […]

Crazy busy

Those who know me, and not even those who know well will know this: I like to be in control. Of myself. Of the situation. Of others (is that the oldest child syndrome at play?) I don’t like relying on others to do for me. When I fell, I needed […]

Trusting the Process